Advocating for your child


Welcome to the website of the Children's Electronic Hand Assistance Project (CEHAP).

The purpose of CEHAP is to provide you with information about the availability of prosthetic fitting and prosthetic funding for children, who may be candidates for a bionic arm or electronic hand, when there is inadequate insurance or none at all.

CEHAP also includes programs and services that a) help parents decipher clauses in their health insurance policies, b) meet other parents of children with limb differences, c) maintain a strong advocacy initiative with third party payers that have adopted a "culture of denial" and d) proactively engage in the appeal process to the 3rd and 4th level, when necessary to establish the "medical necessity" of prescribed prosthetic care.

Our goal is to help you find answers to the questions and concerns you may have regarding upper limb pediatric prostheses and your child's future with a congenital upper limb difference or acquired limb loss.

As you may have already discovered, information specifically about upper extremity artificial limbs can be difficult to locate. According to statistics from the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Limb Loss Information Center (NLLIC) there are less than 300 children born in the United States each year with a congenital upper limb difference, who may be candidates for an electronic prosthesis.

In addition, of all the people living in the United States that wear artificial limbs, only one out of 30 is caused by an upper extremity traumatic amputation or birth anomaly resulting in a congenital limb difference.

For these reasons, we have developed this website to help you understand (a) the clinical steps and procedures necessary to fit your child with an artificial electric hand or myoelectric arm prosthesis and (b) the best way to utilize insurance or find prosthetic funding for children.